Gigabyte confirms record mobo sales

gigabyte-haswell-motherboardAlthough the PC industry is going through a rough patch, some outfits are still doing quite well and one of them appears to be Gigabyte.

On Friday the company announced that it is on target to sell 20 million motherboards this year, its best result ever. Gigabyte apparently shipped 4.8 million motherboards in Q1 and by the end of the second quarter its shipments hit 9.9 million units.

“Obviously this is excellent news, proving not only that we’re doing a decent job of fighting our corner in a highly competitive market segment, but that the PC market as a whole is humming along nicely,” said Gigabyte.

Although it is nice to hear some optimism in an otherwise desperate market, we’re not sure the PC market “as a whole” is humming along nicely. However, Gigabyte’s motherboard business certainly is. Last year the outfit managed to gain quite a bit of ground and now it’s breathing down Asus’ neck. Asus and Gigabyte currently control about half of the worldwide motherboard market and, if it keeps growing, Gigabyte might overtake Asus pretty soon.

Smaller players like ASrock and MSI are far behind, with annual shipments under 10 million units, while ECS, Biostar, Foxconn and others are fighting over scraps.