Gartner reads IT tarot cards

Tarot cards - Wikimedia CommonsMarket research company Gartner said it has identified the top IT trends for 2015.

Organisations, said Gartner, cannot afford to ignore these trends when they’re doing their strategic planning.  And while that doesn’t mean companies have to invest in all the trends, companies should certainly be aware of them.

Some of these trends we’ve already got a clue about – the first is “computing everywhere” – that is to say taking into accounts needs of mobile users and connected screens.

And then we come to the internet of things which really means the digitisation of everything – be it your tie, your suit, your boots or your lightbulbs.

Gartner also thinks that 3D printers are about to take off, with shipments growing by nearly 98 percent next year.  New industrial, biomedical and personal applications will show 3D printing is viable and cost effective.

Analytics is important because all of this digitisation means that there will be masses of data and it should be used to aid businesses.

And, again, all of this digitisation means that machines will get smarter with the invention of clever algorithms that let systems understand what and where they are.

Cloud computing, said Gartner, will converge with mobile computing giving rise to coordinated apps delivered to any device.

The last three in Gartner’s list are software defined apps, web scale IT and risk based security.