Firm makes 3D food printer

candyA start up said it will make a 3D food printer that will be able to churn out sweets.

3D Ventures aims to make the machine cost less than $500 and the first product in its range, dubbed Candy, will not only make cookies, but even print chocolates.

How will it work? The company says that people can design food on their PCs and then transfer it to an SD card.  The dispenser can be filled with semi-solids.

3D Ventures is aiming to fund the machines with Kickstarter money. A rep said: “It is a great way to spend time with family, and with Candy, users know exactly what is going into their food and can make it look any way they like.”

He added that the company wanted to turn 3D industry “on its head” by selling it at a great price.  It’s aimed at impulse buyers, and professional confectioners.

Tere’s a video all about it here.