Facebook clarifies what you can post

thumb-mark-zuckerberg-facebook-pro-4566Facebook has decided to come on out and give people some guidance on what it allows to be posted on the social network.

In a post on its blog, Facebook issued what it calls “community standards” and claims it wants to balance “the interests of its diverse” population.

It said it will remove content, and disable accounts if it believes “there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety”.

It also said it would remove content if it believes content is particularly sensitive.

It also wants to encourage respectful behaviour. It insists that people use their authentic names and identity.

It asks that people respect copyrights, trademarks and “other legal rights”.

If someone commits what it sees as abuse, it says that it may reserve the right to ban people from Facebook.

But it said not all disagreeable or disturbing content violates its community standards.

In all, it is a particularly vague set of rules that more or less gives Facebook the right to decide what it doesn’t want on its social networking pages.