Expect cheaper LCD monitors next year

LCDscreenWhile supplies of panels for LCD monitors failed to meet demand during this year, there will be a glut next year.

That’s because of the entry of Chinese manufacturers into the market, according to analysts at market intelligence company Trendforce.

In 2015, two Chinese companies, BOE and CEC-Panda will ramp up their generation 8.5 production lines, and in turn that will allow branded vendors to drop costs, resulting in cheaper monitors for us all.

According to analyst Anita Wang, there’s also greater demand for wide viewing angle monitors and they might represent as slightly less than a third in 2014.  Penetration in 2015 could be as much as 40 to 45 percent next year, said Wang.

Vendors are also seeking to push monitor sales by introducing more curved angle monitors.  However, such monitors still cost an arm and a leg and their availability is limited.

Overall, shipments are expected to fall by 1.3 percent in 2015, amounting to 148 million units.