EMC still loves its partners

lovebirdsThe President of EMC’s Information Infrastructure, David Goulden has taken steps to re-assure the company’s partners that it still loves them, even if it is going to get married to Dell soon.

Goulden send a letter to company partners saying, more or less, that it is business as usual.

He said that the company was committed to open communication with partners, its partner programmes, products, R&D investments and customer choice as the data storage giant prepares to be acquired by Dell.

“I commit to you that EMC will continue to work closely with our partners to power customers’ IT transformation initiatives, he said.

“Our combined product and technology portfolios are complementary, so partners can plan with confidence as we expect minimal disruption to existing product lines,” Goulden wrote. “In fact, the strength of our combination is generating positive feedback from customers and partners excited about what the future will bring.”

Goulden said that EMC was committed to “our partner ecosystems and partner programs and would enhance our partnerships and technology ecosystems, including enhancing existing products and roadmaps and our customary commitment to long-term support for all current products.” Then appearing to run out of breath he breathed in and added:“…continue investing in R&D, remain dedicated to customer choice without lock-in requirements and listen to partner feedback and provide clear, and frequent updates.”