Don’t scrap fax services, distributor warns

6a00d83451bdba69e20105357f6f1d970b-450wiResellers and distributors might be better off forgetting to kill off their fax services, according to one Italian distributor.

Cesare Pedrazzi, who is the CTO of top Italian distributor Esprinet said that as part of a business plan to try and simplify his company’s IT systems, he thought it would be a good idea to kill off the fax service.

The distributor runs a highly complex network and really faxes in the network were a bit of a headache to look after. Esprinet runs on high tech ordering, with fairly low margins and mucking around with bits of paper was jolly annoying.

After all, Pedrazzi reasoned, who on earth sends faxes in this day and age? Faxes had gone the way of the pigeon as a valid means of communication.

However after taking the fax machines off-line it took only 15 minutes before customers were complaining about the loss of the service. Apparently while the fax might have been developed in the 19th century, a lot of distributors still depended on a fax based system.

“In the sort of complex system we run you just can’t afford to do that sort of thing,” Pedrazzi said. So the faxes went back online.