Diplomat LMS sews up loaned laptop market

36516ba51f4289dc3565ba655259c3d4The business model of manually loaning laptops or tablets to students a thing of the past, according to a recent survey carried out by LapSafe Products.

The study found that 44 percent of UK Universities have now automated their laptop/tablet loan service within or outside the university libraries.

More than 87 percent deploy the Diplomat LMS, a dynamic self-service, multi-bay locker system designed to loan devices.

The extremely popular Diplomat LMS, stores, charges and deploys laptops, Chromebooks, Microsoft Surface or tablets such as iPads in self-service locker bays. The lockers, allow users to borrow fully charged devices for set periods of time and makes device loans easy to manage. The automated service allows students to borrow devices whether staff are present or not.

The Diplomat LMS also allows a ‘mix and match’ of devices or the opportunity to borrow a charging locker space (BYOD). IT Technicians have the option to update or re-image all the devices from a chosen location saving both time and money.

The survey reveals that 100 per cent of customers that have already deployed the Diplomat LMS would recommend to other universities that they do the same. So why is this service so popular? Feedback has revealed that the main reason is to allow students access to devices outside of normal library opening and that providing a 24 x 7 x 365 access to devices is important. The annual student satisfaction surveys has also revealed that students want more access to this type of service.

According to the survey, the average loans provided by each UK university site per month is approximately 3,000 loans, however, one site is currently transacting 16,000 loans per month.

Most of the Diplomat LMS deployed are using LapSafe ultra-safe SmartLine charging inside the lockers. This means that there is no need for the devices own AC adaptors as it has LapSafe inbuilt charging system which saves the users time when accessing the devices. The Diplomatâ„¢LMS monitors the charge status of each device and ensures that it deploys the ‘best charged’ device. 93 percent of customers surveyed said that loaning the ‘best charged’ device was an important factor when choosing their self-service solution.