Digital marketing budgets set to grow

shut-up-and-take-my-moneyIt looks like firms will spend more on digital marketing than ever before.

That’s according to research company Gartner that said digital marketing budgets will rise by eight percent in 2015.

Gartner surveyed 315 firms in the UK, Canada and the USA from all types of sectors including high tech, manufacturing, media, retail, financial services and hospitality.

It found that digital marketing was a quarter of these firms’ marketing budgets in 2014 and of the 51 percent of companies planning to increase digital marketing in 2015, the average increase will be 17 percent.

Laura McLellan, a VP at Gartner, said that the line between traditional and digital marketing continues to blur.

Sixty eight percent of respondents indicated they had separate digital marketing budgets and digital advertising takes the top spot. But programmatic media is continuing to grow, as well as automated bidding for ads.