Dell won’t get back into smartphones

Dell logoLast week Dell helped spice up Intel’s IDF bash with a new 8.1 inch tablet, which brought back to life its Venue brand. Dell used the same brand to peddle smartphones a few years back, but eventually it pulled out of the insanely competitive smartphone market altogether.

With new Venue tablets in the pipeline, many wondered whether Dell would get back in the smartphone game as well, using the same resurrected brand. However, this seems highly unlikely.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Michel Dell said the company plans to focus on tablets rather than smartphones. He pointed out that Dell can still make plenty of cash selling servers and providing the necessary infrastructure and storage for mobile companies, reports Ubergizmo.

It seems like an honest approach. Dell would probably have a lot of trouble cracking the smartphone market, dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple. At a time when the once mighty Nokia and HTC are struggling for scraps, deciding to move back into the same space would be difficult. Still, Lenovo is proof that it is possible.