Dell talks up on-premise clouds

michael-dell-2Grey box shifter CEO Michael Dell said that software-defined data centre on-premises solutions are more cost effective compared to the public cloud.

He said that when you automate and modernise the infrastructure, software-define everything, and move up to the platform level on predictable workloads, an on-premises solution is much more cost-effective.

Public cloud vendors have built software-defined/automated IT services creating an attractive interface for developers; those great technological advances are “not unique to the public cloud.

The idea of automating and software-defining everything, and autonomous infrastructure operations of is occurring all across the computing spectrum. It’s happening in the private clouds; it’s happening at the edge, arriving at the distributed core, public clouds, Software-as-a-Service, managed services – everybody’s going in that direction, Dell said.

Dell said the issue of the public vs private cloud is a workload-dependent discussion. He pointed to Dell Technologies’ massive deferred revenue growth as evidence of the rise of on-premises private cloud/hybrid cloud momentum.

Solution providers said they could typically deliver on-premises private cloud/software-defined data centre solutions for enterprises that are at minimum 40 percent cheaper than public cloud.