Dell EMC will be 60 percent indirect channel

michael-dell-2After making a name for itself with his direct channel, Michael Dell is going to be flogging more than 60 percent of its overall revenues through the channel in a few years

Dell EMC chief commercial officer Marius Haas told a keynote Q&A session at EMEA Canalys Channel Forum that Dell’s indirect business will become its main source of revenue in the next few years.

Michael Dell has previously said that the firm’s channel business was worth $35 billion, but Haas said that leading up to 2020, indirect sales are expected to exceed 60 percent of the firm’s overall revenues.

“When we first looked at the numbers, we said roughly in the $35bn range… we don’t have a target to say ‘this route to market is this percentage of our business or our goal. I think we will be close to 55 to 60 percent of our revenue flowing through [the channel].”

Haas conceded that faults in Dell’s deal registration process have caused some frustration among partners.

Dell had 160,000 deals registered last quarter around the globe and not all of them went flawlessly, so there are a couple of areas where its partners indicated that it needs to improve, he said.