Dell and Intel have a peek at digital transformation

Dell and Intel have got together to have a look at what is happening with the mid-market and enterprise space and appear to have opened a Pandora’s box of doom and gloom.

The pair’s Digital Transformation Index shows that that UK firms are aware that things are changing and meeting customer demands is going to become more challenging.  Nearly a fifth of them were scared that their organisations will be left behind.

Most of the cash is ending up in the security, multi-cloud environments, AI and IoT by firms keen to keep ahead of the curve and better placed to fend off rivals.

Dell has added some more statistics for those pitching digital transformation support, with the vendor finding that only a third of UK business expect to be disrupting their markets, with the rest not sure if they will or taking a brace position getting ready to be disturbed by rivals.

When the vendors looked for the reasons why some UK businesses were being held back in the move to innovate the list produced a range of concerns that the channel could help solve. Lack of in-house skills, knowledge of compliance changes and dealing with information overload are all areas that a partner can provide. Dell has definitely changed its stripes and is now defiantly “pro channel”.