Datawords joins Salesforce partner programme

small_datawords-recrute_32f73aa4-7797-4259-9ca1-b48b1f1893c3Datawords, a company that specialises in e-multicultural technologies, announced today that it has joined the Salesforce Partner Programme in support of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

The Salesforce partner programme is one of the world’s largest enterprise cloud partner programmes, for consultants, ISVs, VARs, agencies and other partners using the Salesforce “Intelligent Customer Success Platform” – whatever that is.

Datawords recently developed WEZen, its product that integrates Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Datawords’ content internationalisation platform. On WEZen, contents are semantically analyzed by cultural experts before they are internationally produced and published on the e-commerce websites of Datawords’ clients. WEZen is available today on the Commerce Cloud marketplace.

Alexandre Crazover, CEO, Co-Founder, Datawords said:  “We are very proud to join the Salesforce Partner Programme. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is very innovative, and we are excited to help our clients in diverse industries, including beauty, automotive, CPG and luxury, with the complex challenges that come with international e-commerce deployment.”

“Everything and everyone is becoming more connected and smarter than ever before”,  said Kori O’Brien, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce. “By joining the Salesforce Partner Programme in support of Commerce Cloud, Datawords is joining the world’s largest community of cloud partners committed to innovating on the Salesforce Platform and driving customer success.”