Customers warned about XP now

winxppro-2-1Infotech has called it “imperative” for industry to move fast to upgrade companies from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 immediately.

Hardeep Singh Garewal, President of European Operations at  Infotech, has warned that many are underestimating the process of upgrading their operating systems to Windows 7/8 could land companies in a compromised position when Microsoft ends support for Windows XP.

He said that it is not a small job which can be performed quickly either. Companies will have to completely change their operations.

ITC Infotech is therefore urging organisations to address without any delay, the conflicts that may arise from the switch to a new operating system.

ITC Infotech is worried that many firms, particularly SMEs, don’t have a mature enough IT estate to roll out Windows 7/8.

But those who don’t begin the migration period now could overshoot the April 8 deadline next year and end up with machines that can suddenly become a huge cost centre instead of being assets for the company

Garewal warned that businesses are in a race against time to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 7/8, with Microsoft announcing that it is ending its support for Windows XP in under a year’s time.

Most have to upgrade their hardware first and then arrange support and a transition to help staff to acclimatise to their new IT environment.

Garewal said that the move from Windows XP to Windows 7/8 is a transformation than migration because the look and feel of the Graphical User Interface, the operating system behaviour and the architecture of Windows 7/8 are completely different.