CrowdStrike walks away from Cloud distribution

Hacker typing on a laptop

Hacker typing on a laptop

Security vendor CrowdStrike is not using its new Cloud Distribution deal, despite only signing it a year ago.

Global sales president Mike Carpenter said that the deal with the UK distributor Cloud Distribution was signed a year go but it no longer works with the company. He said that the company used Cloud Distribution when it was initially starting out in the UK. But it does not need them anymore.

He said the company prefered to have very direct contact with its partners.

The US-based CrowdStrike is growing like topsy and now has offices in the Netherlands and Italy. Most sales are led by a 50-strong EMEA team based in Reading, which is apparently in England.

There are plans to move into the Middle East and to open in Paris this year. Once again, though, the sales will be mostly made from the UK.

Carpenter said that many companies come into EMEA and spread themselves too thin, putting resources everywhere. And it did that to some extent initially, so “we’ve had what I call a ‘reset’ in EMEA”.

The company has been doing well thanks to the WannaCry hacking furore in 2017. However, the European security market is saturated and CrowdStrike has its work cut out by being “much agiler” (surely, more agile, Ed.)than the likes of McAfee and Symantec.

The company has also been making changes to its PR team and taken on Marlin as its UK PR agency, replacing Lewis, which did not bid to retain the work.