Council websites perform below par

SheffieldSix out of 10 UK council websites are failing to perform, according to a survey by netEvidence.

The company assessed the speed websites opened for 227 councils during September.

And 64 percent of councils failed to open in half a second. One unnamed London borough council took over 30 seconds to open – that’s 700 times slower than Sheffield Council which opened on average in 0.04 seconds.

Richard Thomas, the CEO of netEvidence, said that UK councillors and officers don’t have any notion about how their online services are performing because many have outsourced important parts of their IT.

The survey said that of English County Councils, North Yorkshire was the fastest at 0.137 seconds. Hillingdon was the fastest London Borough at 0.271 seconds, while East Renfrewshire was the fastest Scottish council at 0.073 seconds..