Cluely quits Sophos

Graham_Cluley-580-75Media friendly software security expert Graham Cluley is leaving Sophos in search of a freelance career.

Cluley has been working for Sophos for more than 14 years and has probably been more responsible than anyone for the company’s high media profile.

He was the main writer on Sophos’s award-winning “Naked Security” blog and was the company’s primary media spokesperson. As a result his name, and that of his company, are fairly synonymous.

Talking to ChannelEye, Cluley admitted that it is strange that he is leaving after all these years. But 14 years is a long time for anyone to stay in one company in this industry.

Cluley said that there was no bad blood or any real reason to leave Sophos.

“Sophos is a much bigger company from the one I joined. As the company has grown old colleagues and friends have left, and I found myself finding the idea of working for myself increasingly attractive,” he said.

“The bosses at Sophos were very good to me, and wanted me to stay – but when they said “We want you to work here *another* 14 years. I did the maths and realised I had to go now or retire there.”

He has set up a new website,, and he will be continuing to comment on security news.

Cluley said that he will be still commenting on computer security risks and internet privacy issues, but will now be able to do it with a truly independent hat on.