Cloudy Nutanix updates its Beam

Every silver has a cloudy liningCloud outfit  Nutanix, Inc has updated its Beam tool to extend its cost visibility and optimisation capabilities into on-prem deployments.

Nutanix helps customers can get visibility and insight into their infrastructure environment, including public and private clouds so that they can choose the right cloud for every application. Applications that are more predictable, such as data back-up, databases and enterprise applications can be more cost-effective when operating in private clouds, while less predictable workloads like mobile/digital and IoT services can be more suitable for public cloud infrastructure. Beam will also now provide a global multi-cloud view so customers can visualise cloud spend patterns from a single dashboard, making it easier to make decisions which save their business money and ensure compliance with regulations.

The company said that organisations are trying to wrangle public cloud deployments to gain more visibility into what is being consumed, existing private cloud deployments, including potential cost savings, are often ignored, resulting in an incomplete picture of a company’s enterprise infrastructure.

Anuj Gupta, CEO, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic said: “We’re growing at an aggressive pace and with a large public cloud footprint, making sure that we have granular visibility and fine-grained control is crucial to ensuring we do not overspend. As we doubled our cloud deployments, Nutanix Beam identified so many savings that we saw no increase in our overall spend. We’re so excited to have that same visibility in our future on-prem deployments to ensure complete cost optimisation across our multi-cloud infrastructure.”

Sunil Potti, Chief Product and Development Officer at Nutanix said: “Hybrid cloud is no longer considered a brief stopping point in the journey toward an all public cloud future. It’s a first-class destination as customers realise they want thebenefits of the public and private cloud. For this to be successful, companies need to understand how they’re using infrastructure no matter what the platform and from a single view. Nutanix Beam now provides that visibility so customers can finally make informed decisions about their entire infrastructure.”