Cloudreach crosses the Atlantic

rod_stewart_atlantic_crossing_by_rodstewartplz-d3h6ud6London-based cloud services provider Cloudreach has started to expand globally and opened the first new offices of its global expansion.

The company was recently acquired by investment giant Blackstone and has been talking about conquering the world now that it has enough conkers

The outfit has a new base in Dallas, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta.

Cloudreach now has offices in the US, the UK, Canada, France and Germany, with a Swiss location set to open.

Blackstone announced plans to fuel Cloudreach’s growth when it completed the acquisition earlier this year, and Cloudreach hinted that further expansions “into other key markets” are imminent.

The company said that the ¬†opening of this new office further cements the company’s position as a global leader in cloud technology.