Cloud of unknowing dogs UK businesses

Clouds in Oxford: pic Mike MageeMost IT directors want to buy cloud services from one provider but most have ended up buying stuff from three or more vendors.

That’s according to Martin Bishop, from Telstra, who released a survey showing two thirds of decision makers would like to plump for one vendor rather than many.

Bishop said that it’s a buyers’ market for cloud services but using multiple vendors could well mean a complex bank of clouds that make it difficult to manage and to control.

The research shows that four in ten of UK enterprises have adopted IaaS and another forty percent more have plans to adopt it.

Deployment of IaaS varies with manufacturing (61%), professional services *54%) and finance and insurance (46%) likely to use the cloud tech.

The company reached its findings by using Vanson Bourne to canvass 675 IT decision makers across five different geographies – the organisations are enterprises in the private sector with 250 or more employees.