Citrix announces new partner plan

1_Citrix-SignCitrix has been showing off its new incentives programme, dubbed Citrix Ultimate Rewards, to its channel partners.

During the Citrix Summit in Anaheim, California, Paul Fecteau, managing director of partner programs and operations at Citrix, told the assorted throngs that the goal behind the new incentives program is to increase simplification in doing business with Citrix and to drive partner profit in the cloud market.

Currently, Citrix’s incentives programme has five different elements, which were all built at different times in Citrix’s channel evolution. Each programme element has its own rules, which makes it rather complicated for players to know the rules.

“We recognise that that is a challenge, especially for newer partners who aren’t familiar with Citrix. But even our existing partners have been challenged on occasion”, said Fecteau.

Starting 10 February, Citrix will offer two discount elements – Spark and Drive – and one quarterly rebate element – Accelerate. It doesn’t have an element called Challenge, as far as we can tell.

Spark serves as a replacement for Citrix’s Net New Partner Source program and will reward partners for identifying and registering opportunities Citrix doesn’t know about.

Drive is akin to the current Citrix Advisor Rewards programme and will pay into partners’ Accelerate rebate, plus offer partners a discount for delivering “value-selling activities”.

Fecteau noted that after the launch of the Citrix Ultimate Rewards programme, a new system will ask partners questions about its customer and deal and then automatically identify the incentives the partner can receive.