Cisco launches new enterprise-wide software licensing agreement.

Cisco Kid As part of its cunning plan to be more software centric, maker of networking boxes Cisco is launching a new enterprise-wide software licensing agreement.

A spokesCisco said the new Enterprise Agreement (EA) is either a three or five-year licensing contract and partners will have the potential to bring in more revenue, with a lower upfront investment on software, hardware, and services with the new EAs.

The deal aims to give customers more opportunity to take part in traditional enterprise licensing agreements.

Before Cisco customers had to invest several millions of dollars to get access to a catalogue or portfolio of software. But now the price point has come down significantly to as low as $250,000.

“This opens up opportunities for our customers and for us to expand the presence of Cisco software and enterprise agreements to a broader range and broader audience.”

Cisco has also lowered its minimum purchase requirement for an enterprise licence agreement, enabling partners to potentially sell the new EA in the midmarket space.

This opens up some new white space customer opportunity for partners to have discussions with a broader set of customers around a single agreement that can meet their overall goals.