China havers over North Korea hack allegations

Kim Jong Un, courtesy of North Korea news agencyNorth Korea’s only ally, mainland China, has condemned the hacks on Sony but said there is no proof it was behind the attacks on the movie company.

A report in Reuters quoted a spokesperson as saying that while China was against any cyberattacks and cyber terrorism, there is no proof that North Korea was the culprit.

North Korea claims that it had no idea which individual or group had hacked Sony Pictures but its press agency said “we can surely say that they are supporters and sympathisers with the DPRK”.

It threatened action against the US which it described as “the cesspool of terrorism”.  US president Obama said his country would take action against the perpetrators of the hack, but did not specify what such action would be.

In a statement, the official North Korea news agency said the USA should “honestly apologise to makind for its evil doing”.

North Korea “highly estimates the righteous action taken by the guardians of peace, though it is not aware of their residence”.

It continued: “The army and people of the DPRK who aspire after justice and truth and value conscience have hundreds of millions of supporters and sympathizers, known or unknown, who have turned out in the sacred war against terrorism and the U.S. imperialists, the chieftain of aggression, to accomplish the just cause.”

USA bodies have, in the past, accused the Chinese government of being behind cyber attacks.