Channel could turn to AI

sat-ai-head-640x353AI consultants Humanotics and service communications experts soh have announced a new partnership that they think will make it easy for the channel to create practical user focussed solutions that cut costs, boost sales and increase customer approaval.

Fran Fish, Managing Director at soh, said: “AI and chatbots show lots of promise for the service sector but with high profile media coverage of problems at Facebook and Microsoft, as well as scepticism from business journals including Harvard Business Review, clients are nervous about whether the technology can deliver.”

Dr David Naylor, Founder of Humanotics, continued: “There’s a lot of hype around AI. Suppliers are down playing the effort required by businesses to create applications that deliver a return on their investment. The Humanotics – soh partnership is about making it easier to create AI solutions that work well for customers, businesses and frontline advisors.”

The first collaboration between the two companies is the “AI Ready” assessment that helps service organisations make better business cases for AI by choosing the best service applications and thoroughly assessing the impact.

Talking about what will happen in future Fran Fish said: “With pressure to cut costs, get customers to self-serve and to digitise customer operations so that advisors can concentrate on more complex queries, our clients are asking whether digital service — including AI and machine-learning — is the answer. We’re developing how we can help companies use AI and prepare their customer service communications for any digital transformation.”

“Working with soh means we are increasing our focus on the quality of customer conversations embedded in automated assistant or chatbot applications”,  said David Naylor. “We’re also able to work together to strengthen our offering in AI as a managed service. It’s an exciting development for our clients.”