Castel kicks competitors into touch

Detail showing fleeing Persians (King Darius centre) from an AncGreat Notley based Castel said it has installed audio-video interconnections at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais – a sports stadium that cost 415 million euro.

The stadium is pretty fan friendly.

Castel said Orange has installed a wi-fi network using 500 routers that lets 20,000 people be connected at the same time. The network also includes 350 IPTVs so people can watch replays and choose incidents that thrill and excite them.

Castel’s contribution to the network is ninety audio-video intercom stations from its CAP IP suite. They use colour cameras which generate high res images using H.264 compression.

Security is provided by Genetec and Castel, which have a strategic relationship with each other.

Atmane Bensghir, Castel’s business development manager, said: β€œIT and intercom no longer need to be separated.”