Businesses suffer from poor presentation

powerpointCasio claims that UK outfits are losing out because of proper presentation training for employees and the poor use of presentation technology.

Apparently companies are under more pressure than ever to give presentations and they are not quite up to snuff, mostly due to a  lack of investment in brushing up their skills.

This is apparently leading to god awful meetings which go nowhere and causing businesses to look at companies who look a bit better on the Powerpoint stakes.

According to the report, nearly half of business decision makers are unlikely to buy from a company that makes a poor new-business pitch presentation.  It didn’t mention anything about taking your gum out of your mouth and your hands out of your pockets.

More than 63 percent of respondents agreed that the use of AV in presentations could be improved.  Perhaps the technology of glove puppets needs a second look.

Another 40 percent thought that effective and innovative use of technology could improve new business pitches.

Casio  sent this on a whopping 7.4 mb file.  Most of it seemed to have been taken up with lots of heavy graphic pictures of smiling people at presentations.