Businesses still have a use for notebooks

Multipurpose-NotebookBeancounters working for Spiceworks have been adding up some numbers and dividing by their shoe size and reached the conclusion that companies have not given up on laptops yet.

Spiceworks thinks that companies will continue to invest in laptops for their staff for at least a year while they check out ways to make their systems more flexible.

Some of the reasons for laptop spend has been the migration of Windows 10 and towards some of the more mobile form factors and the shift towards using kit that can give staff flexibility should see more spending on laptops.

Research from the firm has found that 43 percent of buisiness are planning to expand their laptop investments in the next year and a quarter of firms are also looking to buy tablets.

The demand for laptops and tablets underpins a belief from 53 percent of customers that staff will be using mobile devices as the primary tool in the future.

Peter Tsai, senior technology analyst at Spiceworks said that many predict the popularity of mobile devices will lead to the ‘death of the PC,’ this prophecy won’t become a reality anytime soon in the corporate world.

“It’s true that desktop PCs will become less prevalent in the near future, giving way to laptops, but tablets and smartphones still face usability challenges that prevent them from enabling key tasks in the workplace. So for the foreseeable future, traditional PCs will remain dominant while tablets and smartphones serve as complementary devices”, he added.

The continued interest in PCs is positive news for Dell’s channel partners, with a quarter of users indicating they would be spending on that vendor. HP and Lenovo come in next in customer preferences with customers also looking to increase the number of Microsoft PCs in the business.