Bug slows Apple’s health push

gala_appleApple said a problem with its iOS8 means that apps for fitness and health are likely to be delayed.

The problem comes from Apple’s HealthKit – a developer tool that lets third party developers like their own applications and devices communicate with Apple’s own features.

But Apple is downplaying the problem and claims it will fix the bug by the end of a month.  HealthKit is a back end set of functions and is different from its own Health app released in iOS8.

Meanwhile, people that have upgraded their Apple kit to iOS8 continue to grumble over minor glitches.

Some people have complained that they’ve had to delete content to give enough space for iOS8, while others have complained about problems with Dropbox.

Teething problems aren’t unusual for upgrades to operating systems. Experts generally advise people to wait a little while before installing the upgrades while minor glitches are ironed out.