BSG rocks Gibraltar

Santa Barbara beach and Rock of Gibraltar La Linea Cadiz Andalusia SpainConsumer transaction technologies outfit NCR and its channel partner BSG has been chosen by Gibraltar International Bank to install intelligent ATMs and NCR software.

NCR got the deal after convincing GIB that it could increase transactions through the more convenient ATMs, available 24/7 in a range of locations in Gibraltar.

GIB is using NCR SelfServ 34 ATMs using NCR Solidcore Suite for APTRA security software and “the latest” Windows 7 ATM operating system.

NCR APTRA software on the SelfServ 34 also enables a wide range of transactions, such as mixed cash and cheque deposits.

GIB CEO Lawrence Podesta said that the launch of Gibraltar International Bank earlier this year provided an opportunity for customers in Gibraltar to benefit from new and improved banking services.

NCR and BSG allowed the bank to disrupt existing banking models in Gibraltar by transitioning routine banking transactions from tellers to self-service ATMs.
This means that our bank staff will be more available to interact face-to-face with customers on high value banking services, such as mortgages.”

NCR SelfServ ATMs with Solidcore Suite for APTRA are designed to defend against known and unknown malware and fraud attacks on the ATM.

They use a multi-layered approach to ATM security which protects against the execution of unauthorized code on ATM networks. NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) also protects cardholder data from card skimming attacks by detecting and jamming the signal of fraudulent skimming devices, as well as notifying the bank in real-time. This increases the likelihood of prosecuting fraudsters.

BSG Computer Systems, NCR’s Interact channel partner for the region, was responsible for the deployment at Gibraltar International Bank. BSG offers the entire NCR financial services portfolio, as well as providing services for all NCR solutions they deploy.

Mike Edinburgh, managing director at BSG said that by moving  basic transactions that customers would historically queue for at the teller to self-service ATMs the bank will improve the customer experience and loyalty.

“Our long-standing relationship with NCR and its innovative, proven solutions enabled this. BSG has also benefited from even greater engagement and training as we recently joined the NCR Interact channel partner programme,” he said.