Broadwell will be Intel’s red-headed stepchild

Rupert-Grint-Ron-Weasley-Harry-Potter-GingerBroadwell is set to be the chip that Intel does not want to talk about as it enters next year with two chip line-ups.

Intel says that both Broadwell and Skylake will be in the shops in the same year, something the chip maker has managed to avoid doing before, with very good reason.

Skylake is supposed to be better technology, but having it so close to Broadwell will mean that punters will wait for it rather than buying something out-of-date.  They will not have long to wait. Broadwell will ship in the first quarter next year, but in the second half next year, users will be able to buy PCs with processors based on the newer Skylake architecture.

This sorry state of affairs has come about because Broadwell has been cursed with delayed chip shipments which lead to delayed manufacturing.  The world should have Broadwell machines already, but they are still not around.

Intel appears to have decided to put the whole mess behind it and move to Skylake as planned.

Chipzilla claims that Skylake chips will lead to the biggest PC innovations in the last 10 years. Skylake will bring wireless charging and data transfers, and also a significant increase in performance, battery life and power efficiency. At IDF Intel did not hardly bother showing off any Broadwell chips.

On the plus side, the transition to Skylake will also lead to Intel dumping Broadwell processors, which could help cut laptop prices by year end. That could benefit customers looking for low-cost laptops and prop up PC shipment volumes.