British don’t understand the interweb

ukflagA survey showed that UK users of the internet are still a bit confuzzled by the pesky thing.

Tata Communications revealed its report today – garnered from 9,417 people across the world – and including 1,770 internet users in the UK.

Two thirds of Brits, for example, think that the World Wide Web and the internet are one and the same.  And 62 percent suffer from anger or anxiety when they’re unable to connect to the net.

But 72 percent of Brits say the internet belongs to everyone, compared to Germany where 80 percent of people say the same. This is, technically, the wrong answer but demonstrates a sense of freedom.

People in the UK between 15 to 35 use the internet for six or more hours of day.  And five percent of 12 to 25 year old people say they couldn’t survive “even 15 minutes” without an internet connection.

What do people want to see next.  Fast downloads (35%) and smart cities (17%), it appears.  Only 15 percent are looking forward to wearable technology.