Bill Gates is a believer in G4S security

jailWhile G4S must be one of the most mocked security companies in the UK, it seems that it has a firm believer in the Software king of the world Sir William Gates III.

Initially famous for being one of the first private security companies involved in the English prisons, it next became infamous for letting rather too many escape.

More recently the outfit made a huge blunder over its staffing of the London 2012 Olympics when it failed to get a promised 10,400 guards for the London Games. This forced the tax payer to send in the troops to bail it out.

Following a profit warning in May, its chief executive stepped down last month. Shares in G4S, have fallen 18 percent in three months. This morning you could pick one up for £241.55 as is where is.
However despite all that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has increased his stake in G4S. And while it is normal for people to find their way out of G4S, it is news if someone wants in. This is probably because Gates thinks it is a bargain.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust and Cascade Investment, an asset management firm owned by Bill Gates increased their combined holding in G4S to 3.2 percent last week by acquiring around 6 million more shares.

G4S is a jolly big company and it runs services such as cash transportation and prison management in over 125 countries.