BAE invests in Semarchy xDM

Avro_748_HS_748_BAe_748.2BAE Systems has bought Semarchy’s xDM platform to take control of the enormous amount of the outfit’s operational and engineering data.

BAE said that Semarchy was a disruptive solution which we guess means that it will be kept after school and be required to write lots of lines.

BAE Military Aircraft & Information (MA&I) Tony Croughan said that the system provides a greater consistency of data for the back-office systems at a level of granularity which dusty legacy MDM solutions are incapable.

He said that BAE was undergoing a major transformation of its back-office systems which necessitates data consistency to assure proper integrations between many different systems.

“Semarchy hands control from IT over to our business users and data stewards, which is extremely appealing and like nothing we had seen on the market.”

BAE Systems put Semarchy through months of rigorous testing to meet the high expectations of quality and security. The Semarchy Proof-of-Value approach allowed for a much faster implementation once it passed all testing. Rather than give BAE Systems a demo version, BAE personnel could see a live working model of the solution, and then iterate from that starting point to catapult it to a fully-functional system.

Semarchy VP and GM UK Richard Branch said: “When we first approached BAE about our Intelligent MDM solution, we knew this would be a huge undertaking. We are honored that xDM surpassed expectations in speed, ease of use, and accuracy. We are looking forward to a continued relationship, demonstrating our smart, agile and measurable approach to managing master data.”