Bad IT stresses out people, big time

ProzacIT failures are taking their toll on British business and stressing out workers, a survey has found.

Loudhouse undertook the research for IT services company NG Bailey, polling 500 full time workers.

If computer kit worked properly, the respondents said they could save an average of 4.3 hours.  A staggering two thirds claimed that bad IT often stops them being productive – half of them claims that happens at least once a week.

And what’s worse, is that 44 percent of the workers say that broken IT stresses them out, with one in three working longer hours to make up for the failures. Nearly a third say that bad IT makes them miss deadlines.

Bob Dunnett, MD of NG Bailey’s services division, said: “CIOs and financial decision makers should weigh up the cost of improving their IT services with the implications of below-par IT on employees’ wellbeing and their company’s bottom line.”