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Icewarp taps into Cisco Developer Network

ciscologoMessaging provider IceWarp has been accepted into the Cisco Developer Network, meaning it can now develop software that will be integrated and embedded into Cisco products.

Developers for IceWarp can now use the Cisco Developer Network to speed up development.

IceWarp’s president, Ladislav Goc, said that his company wants to expand on the growing trend of customers using the messaging platform within Cisco products. more»

HP rejigs certifications again

HPHP has made some updates to its PartnerOne programme which it promises will make doing business with the company “easier” and “more predictable”.

There’s a range of specialisations in new areas, as well as more rebates to go along with its compensation model, better partner portal navigation, role based certs, and “a consistent membership structure”. more»

Rural SMEs struggle with cloud

clouds3Small to medium enterprises are increasingly looking to local cloud providers rather than monolithic tech companies that do not necessarily inspire trust in their customers.

According to local cloud provider for local people, Prism Solutions, there are hyper geographical requirements for cloud that remote providers may not be able to address, such as being aware of connection speeds or the need to support existing IT structures. more»

Dell attempts to clear the air on data laws

dellsig Dell SecureWorks has teamed up with European law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) in a bid to dispel common myths about data protection laws.

A whitepaper looks at current laws and exactly how they impact security implementation in the EMEA region, as well as providing some pointers on using external Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) for security. more»