Assange claims great escape

GreatEscape1WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says he will “soon” get out of Ecuador’s embassy in London, although he is keeping the information how a secret, even after calling a press conference to discuss it.

Assange, who clearly does not understand the meaning of open disclosure, has been locked up in the embassy for more than two years to avoid extradition to Sweden on a sex case because he believes he is important enough for the US to bother trying to extradite him.

The US did not bother trying to extradite him when he was in the UK, which was far more likely than Sweden to hand him over.

The 43 year old, who is apparently sick with heart and lung problems, gave a press conference amid speculation in the tabloids that he was set to hand himself over.

Assange confirmed he is leaving the embassy soon, but not for the reasons that “the Murdoch press and Sky News are saying at the moment”.

Assange, was not going to tell anyone how he was getting out the embassy which made the entire press conference a waste of time. Instead the conference was yet another opportunity for the media hungry Assange to restate the same dull excuses for why he is the only person who should not face a court case when two people make a complaint about him

Police have been stationed at the compound since Assange requested political asylum from Ecuador in June 2012, ready to arrest him if he sets foot outside. He has cost the UK taxpaper a bomb and ironically that has meant that he has been effectively under house arrest.