Arrow rolls out virtual classroom programme

Archer-Shooting-a-Goose-Arrow--59097Arrow has released its virtual classroom programme across the UK and EMEA.

The distributor is offering its virtual classroom to people to use at the office, home or through its own Arrow Education centres across EMEA.

The scheme has already gone live in the UK.

The big idea is to provide flexibility around training sites and dates, resulting in cost savings because of reduced travel expenses and greater collaboration through group activities, supported by video conferencing systems and interactive smart boards.

Jacques Assant, business development services director for Arrow’s enterprise computing solutions business in EMEA, said that the Arrow Virtual Classroom combines all the benefits of interactive, live training delivered by highly skilled instructors with the option to save on time and travel and greater choice of offerings.

Arrow ECS Education has 25 classrooms in the UK using authorised trainers and has training centres in London, Stockport, Harrogate and Dublin.

The distributor pitches the need for classroom training on its website as a chance for students to get into what it calls a focused environment.