ARM ups 64-bit hype

arm_chipChip licensing company ARM said it has signed its 50th licensing agreement for the v8-A processing technology and said 27 firms have signed up for the show.

Although it did not specify the names of the 27 companies they include the usual suspects like Samsung and we know that Intel is now a big ARM customer too.

Noel Hurley, who runs the processor division of ARM claimed that tablets and smartphones are replacing PCs for many taks and the new 64-bit tech in the v8-A series is backwards compatible with 32-bit technology too.

That means the new tech will completely support the million plus 32-bit apps that already exist for the technology.

The number 50 is important for ARM in another way too, claimed Hurley, because the company said there are now 50 billion processors using its tech.

It won’t be long until there are 100 billion processors licensing its technology, according to ARM.