Apple spruces up its channel plans Fruity Cargo cult Apple is sharing plans to spruce up its channel to provide more opportunities for business partners.

Apple’s Worldwide developer conference (WWDC) heard how the vendor was knocking out some virtual and augmented reality and a HomePod speaker plus some updated desktops and the iPad Pro.

While these are a bit of a snooze in the consumer market which Apple is supposed to rule with an iron fist, the introduction of products that would slot into a corporate environment should be welcomed by the channel.

The Pro lines is an area Apple dropped the ball in recently and this is a segment which is the key to staying relevant in the enterprise space and because some communities (tame journalists, graphists, designers, developers …) were key influencers for the broader consumer community.

Apple started to realise last year that it could not buy off these communities by sticking a few coloured lights on the hardware while not improving the chips and other hardware. Until the beginning of the year, Apple’s Pro range was nearly four years out of date, which made it a hard sale for its channel.