Apple says that it is the Bose

J.C.BoseIt seems that the Fruity Cargo cult Apple is being a little childish with its old chum Bose.

For years, Apple sold Bose gear in its cathedrals of delight for the terminally shallow until the outfit decided to buy Beats. Bose had a few problems with Beats which it thought had nicked its noise cancelling technology and sued the company.

Apple responded by removing all Bose gear from its shops.

Bose and Beats then buried the hatchet but it seems that Apple is still deeply annoyed that Bose dared to sue it. The ban on Bose gear is still on.

According to 9to5 Mac all Bose speakers and headphones have been purged from sale through the Apple Online Store and several Apple Retail Store locations they contacted confirmed Bose stuff is no longer available.



t’s possible, though, that Apple is simply removing a similarly priced competitor from its retail channels to focus on promoting Beats now that it owns the brand, but then it also still sells competing headphone brands including Bowers & Wilkins, Urbanears, RHA, and Sennheiser. We guess they never accused an Apple subsidiary of stealing its ideas.

Apple falsely believes it invented most technology ideas, including the mouse, the PC, the MP3 player, the tablet, the smartphone and the rounded rectangle.

Apple is also about to remove products from the company Fitbit, which was a little slow at endorsing Apple’s HealthKit platform and might find itself in competition from the mythical Apple Watch.