Apple needs to wake up and smell the coffee

ipad3Fruity cargo cult Apple has huge difficulties calling a spade a spade without out hyping it up into something it is clearly not, writes Nick Farrell.

After all, marketing was what made Apple’s iPad a success, while Microsoft’s tablet, languished on the shelves for years.  But sometimes Apple’s desire to market everything does the trick.  An example is calling its support staff Apple geniuses clearly in the spotty face of all evidence.

However it appears that when Apple advertises for someone to make the coffee, they need to have hyped the role to make it sound like it is crucial to business design operation.

A job advert appeared on the website calling for someone to brew fresh coffee for its employees, and it calls the position an “iCup Technician”. Apparently they will work in Apple’s “iCup Services” department.

The technician must be “on call” for employees’ coffee needs during business hours at Apple’s Santa Clara Valley, campus.

This person must have “prior experience with coffee machines,” someone who “continually grows in knowledge” and has “some computer skills”.

Of course it looks better on your resume to say you are an iCup technician than to say “tea lady” but we would thought many future employers would see through it.  After all it is not, as the name implies, someone who designs space age talking coffee cups.