Apple and Samsung declare truce

soldiers-2The thermonuclear patent war between Apple and Samsung is only going to be fought in the US.

The two sides have negotiated a sort of truce, where the only court battles between the two will be fought in US courts.  It is a bit like Israel and Hamas agreeing to shoot at one another only in one district of Gaza.

Samsung Electronics said that it and Apple would continue to pursue existing cases in US courts. The two companies did not strike any cross-licensing deal.

However it is widely seen as a start and a significant lessening of corporate hostilities after years of bitter patent disputes over the intellectual property rights for mobile designs and technology.  The move will end legal fights in more than 12 countries in Asia, North America and Europe.

In any event, a win in the US will mean bigger awards for damages than other countries.

But some analysts have said that the two companies would eventually bury the hatchet and sign a cross-licensing deal.