AppFormix launches channel with Rackspace

cloud (264 x 264)Startup AppFormix has created its own channel with industry heavyweight Rackspace.

The move breaks the tradition of startups launching partner programs with a handful of small VARs.

AppFormix has become a major distributor of OpenStack software and getting Rackspace’s support for its channel is a big win for the company which was only founded just three years ago.

Founder and CEO Sumeet Singh said the move will allow AppFormix to fully commit to a distribution channel strategy.

So far AppFormix has been selling its software directly, but with the launch of its channel program, “go on our predominant model is going to be to go through the partners,” Singh said, “especially Rackspace.”

“Rackspace is a dream partner. They are the founders of OpenStack, and we built this software initially to really simplify the OpenStack operations,” Singh said.

AppFormix focuses on hybrid environments and can monitor and optimise cloud infrastructure. Its technology evaluates the bare-metal servers, storage workloads orchestrated by Kubernetes platform originally developed by Google, and Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure platform.

The platform analysis tools offer a cross-layer visibility, measure resource utilization and monitor application performance for better orchestration of hybrid cloud environments.