AMD to release life preserver

titanic-life-preserverThe troubled chipmaker AMD is about to fight back against Nvidia dominence with its upcoming AMD Radeon R9 300-series graphics cards.

Specifications of the cards started to leak last month and now there are new rumours of an official announcement at the Computex show.

AMD is planning to introduce the new cards during Computex in June and there will be a single new card at CeBIT and a few re-branded cards before Computex.

Managers at AMD apparently want a “full line up” of cards to be released at the same time. I needs this to cover the ground lost to rival Nvidia over the last year.

Nvidia took a significant market share in the GPU market but AMD CFO Devinder Kumar was confident that in the the second half of 2015 there would be a launch of a new graphics product which would set everything right.

“We will gain back the market share which is low from my standpoint and historically,” he claimed.
There is nothing really on the roadmap other than the AMD Radeon R9 300-series that can do that, so it looks like this rumour has legs.