Altify signs up for Salesforce Quip

indexAltify, whose customers include BT, GE and Sage, is using the integrated collaboration platform system Salesforce Quip in a cunning plan to enhance  collaboration and productivity of sales teams worldwide. Automation, AI and chatbots have transformed sales.

Altify is available on the Salesforce App Exchange, is empowering human front-line sales managers, enabling them to identify potential risks on upcoming deals, Deliver coaching notifications, Drive best practices created from centuries’ worth of sales experience.

Altify’s CEO, Anthony Reynolds said that Britain has suffered a steady decline in productivity since the Brexit referendum. Some are looking to technology to improve this. As always, sales teams are particularly focused on productivity and it is their sales productivity which ultimately will help the UK win or lose in the post-Brexit world.

“As seen by the Dropbox, Salesforce integration earlier this month, the lack of collaboration between sales pros using the top-selling Salesforce tool makes closing deals efficiently a bottleneck. To be fair, it is not their fault. Quite simply, salespeople work in silos because data is stored in silos. If only sales teams could access their data as easily as Cambridge Analytica can access Facebook’s, their productivity would soar”,  Reynolds said.