Affluent shoppers more likely to buy online

jewelsAccording to the latest study from Martini Media, affluent consumers are 47 percent more likely to make an online purchase than their not-so-well-off counterparts. The report found that rich shoppers buy products and services after the holiday season and continue their sprees well into Q1.

Needless to say, Martini Media concluded that luxury marketers should do more to cater to affluent consumers online.

“The affluent are leading the spending charge online,” said Michael Goldberg, senior director of marketing and communications at Martini Media. “Brands will need to understand how to talk to this audience in an online environment.”

The Martini Media Affluent Online Shopper Index, powered by comScore, found that rich folk are 74 percent more likely to make a purchase on a luxury retail site and they tend to spend about 41 percent more on their purchases. On average they spent $184 per purchase, 51 percent more than consumers earning under $100,000 a year.

They are not just buying luxury items. On average they spent $171 on event and movie tickets, $163 on apparel, accessories and jewellery, $113 on general services, $155 on electronic gadgets and $162 on home and living.

The Martini Media/comScore report backs the findings of the Shullman Research Centre, which also found that affluent shoppers are more likely to shop online.