Adoddle finds cloud a doddle

grandpa_simpson_yelling_at_cloudA site which makes the Adoddle Cloud CDE, has just scored Imtech as a customer.

Technical service provider, Imtech said that digitisation and cloud software are for the future success of its business.

With the explosion of Big Data, IT Security, IT Costs, Data accessibility, and an initiative to reduce one’s carbon footprint, many companies like Imtech have made the shift towards an Information Management Systems within a digital Common Data Environment.

Imtech is one of the largest managed technical service providers in the UK and Ireland.

Imtech wanted a secure, PAS1192 compliant, cloud platform that had the ability to easily share documents, replace site servers, and manage tendering applications.

Asite’s Adoddle simplified Imtech’s internal tendering processes by providing a centred system that can structure responses and offer a transparent and fare source of information.

An Imetch spokesman said that the platform offers the capability of reducing administration procedures.

Imtech has also  benefited from the use of Adoddle’s QR coding feature that allows construction companies to fill the gap between the physical and digital world. QR codes are printed on site drawings and can be scanned with any smartphone or tablet to ensure that the document used, is the latest and correct version.

Imtech has now signed an Enterprise agreement with Asite to use Adoddle in all of its future projects.