Acer turns to cloud for inspiration

acer-logo-ceTroubled Taiwanese PC manufacturer Acer believes its future lies in the cloud.

Acer has been hit by the general decline of PC sales and recently Stan Shih, its founder, was hauled out of retirement while a number of senior executives clocked out of the operation.

According to Taiwanese wires, Acer’s spanking new CEO, Jason Chen, told journos at a press conference that it would concentrate on a concept called “Build your own Cloud”.

That, according to Acer, is different from private clouds which use public clouds, really.

Acer will weld the build your own cloud concept to tablets, to PCs and and to notebooks.

And, this is not an April Fool’s joke, it will raise salaries on the 1st of April and give year end bonuses but not performance bonuses, said Digitimes.