Dyson 360 EyeJoining a gaggle of other producers of robotic vacuum cleaners, Dyson said it will introduce its own model, dubbed the 360 Eye.

According to the company, the machine uses a 360 degree vision system to map out the room it’s cleaning so that it knows where it’s been and knows where to go.

The machine generates high centrifugal forces to grab dust and pollen from its surroundings. The motor can spin at up to 78,000RPM and Dyson claims it will generate the highest suction of any robot vacuum cleaner.  It uses the Dyson equivalent of continuous tank tracks to trundle round the room and has two types of bristle that can handle both carpets and hard surfaces.

It also comes with an app for iOS and Android devices that lets you control the unit when you’re not at home and see maps of cleaning progress.

The robo cleaner won’t be available until next year, and Dyson gave no hint of how costly it will be.